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Course & Scorecard



We are a 9 hole course with two different sets of tees on each hole, some of which make the holes dramatically different. The nature of the course means that you can play a number of holes in different ways - conservatively with an iron or aggressively with the driver, herein where the challenge lies.


Internal out-of-bounds, ditches, bunkers and other well placed hazards mean this course gives a true test of golf, designed in the traditional sense - accuracy is rewarded rather than distance, as is common with modern day courses.

1st/10th 530/530 yds, stroke index (SI) 6/7: A long opening hole, needing a long straight drive which avoids the Out of bounds (OB) all up the left before the fairway turns slightly left to a green that is angled behind a large bunker.

2nd/11th 355/385 yds SI 4/1: Accuracy is paramount here, making sure you leave yourself a good angle into the green, our view of the green is slightly obscured by trees. Club selection has to be right and can be difficult if the wind is blowing.

3rd/12th 166/125 yds, SI 16/17: Either a mid or short iron depending whether playing it the first or second time. Can be really tough if the flag is placed behind a bunker at the front of the green.

4th/13th 320/285 yds, SI 8/9: The sensible approach is a short iron to in front of the hedge, then another onto a large, flat green. The brave might try a thrash with a wood, but OB all down the right –hand side could change your mind.

5th/14th 166/153 yds, SI 14/13. Straightforward approach with a mid to short iron, but anything right faces a watery grave in the brook or the moat alongside the green.

6th/15th 261/277 yds, SI 12/5: A severe dogleg left. Take enough club to reach the corner, or you will be playing a blind short iron or wedge to a tucked-away green.

7th/16th 144/144 yds, SI 18/15: If you have the right club, this short hole with a large putting surface won’t cause too much distress.

8th/17th 290/277 yds, SI 10/11: An excellent hole to test your course management. Hit straight over the corner of this right-to-lefter and shorten your approach to a shot iron. Play safe and you could run out of fairway.

9th/18th 448/442 yds, SI 2/3: OB all up the right and a lateral water hazard and OB all up the left of this super finishing hole. The brook also meanders across the fairway, making the placement off the tee crucial.
Yardage: 1st nine 2680 yds off the blue tees. 2nd nine 2618 yds off the yellow tees. Total 5298 yds. Par 70 SSS 66; Ladies SSS 70. 


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