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Whitley Golf Club offers a relaxed and enjoyable environment for golf enthusiasts. The club is committed to ensuring that its members have a positive golfing experience.

Members can enjoy unlimited golf for a year with no additional fees, making it one of the best value golf clubs in the area. The club is family-friendly and offers facilities that cater to children, such as the Driving Range. Members can make lifelong friends with like-minded golfers and participate in club matches against other clubs and play competitions by obtaining a handicap.

The club hosts various social events throughout the year that are non-golf related but are still enjoyable. Additionally, the club offers a social membership for non-golfers. Members can use the County Card to play at other courses at a discounted rate. Lastly, the club is affiliated with the English Golf Union, which provides members with additional benefits.

It is a well-known fact that golf is good for physical and mental wellbeing, and Whitley Golf Club is committed to promoting this aspect of the sport.


Great news, we currently have availability, and unlike a lot of clubs, you can join now. Scroll down for a summary of our benefits and joining options. 

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County Card

All members are entitled to a county card that enables you to play at courses all over the country for a reduced rate. The maximum you should have to pay for a round in Wiltshire is 1/2 the day rate.


For more information:    County Card Scheme

Golf Handicap

At Whitley Golf Club, we offer a comprehensive system to establish and maintain your handicap, catering to both seasoned and beginner golfers. Our system adheres to standard golf association rules

Club Competitions

Being a member of Whitley Golf Club means you will have the opportunity to submit 3 cards and receive an EGU certified handicap. Once you have a handicap you will then be able to join in with our well supported competitions, and play up to 50 competitions a year. You might even win a share of the prize money available to the highest finishers.


Our clubhouse has WiFi! Members are welcome to bring their laptop in to use our facilities for work purposes - some often find the clubhouse useful for informal meetings too.

Club Matches

By regularly playing in competitions you can be considered for the club matches. This provides you with a great chance to play competitive golf on other courses - we are working at becoming County Champions in the Buthlay Cup!


Join Whitley Golf Club’s lively community! Enjoy our year-round social events, connect with fellow golfers, and create lasting friendships in a relaxed environment. Be part of our social scene!

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Fees Include joining fee of £40 applies to Adult and Under 23 memberships. Anyone wishing to join part the way through the year can either join for the rest of this year if joining in 2024 or in 2025 you can join up for the following year that will work out better value. As detailed below:

Under 23
Under 18
01/05/24 - 30/06/25 (14 Months)
01/06/24 - 30/06/25 (13 Months)
01/07/24 - 30/06/25 (12 Months)
01/08/24 - 30/06/25 (11 Months)
01/09/24 - 30/06/25 (10 Months)
01/10/24 - 30/06/25 (9 Months)
01/11/24 - 30/06/25 (8 Months)
01/12/24 - 30/06/25 (7 Months)
01/01/25 - 30/06/26 (18 Months)
01/02/25 - 30/06/26 (17 Months)
01/03/25 - 30/06/26 (16 Months)
01/04/25 - 30/06/26 (15 Months)
01/05/25 - 30/06/26 (14 Months)
01/06/25 - 30/06/26 (13 Months)

Please complete the form below, an invoice will be sent to you with payment options. Your membership will go live as soon as payment is received.

Type of Membership
Membership Start Date


No matter what the weather, you just can't help but think "What a perfect day for golf!"

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