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Course Notes

Updated: Jun 21

The aeration and dressing over the last month has provided firmer, faster draining surfaces. We hand watered last week and earlier this week to maintain a healthy surface. Wednesday steady rainfall will reset moisture levels - though overnight rain is preferred by all!


With our robotic mowers working as often as possible we have to move tee markers to the side to ensure the tee areas are mown and damage is not caused to the mowers. While I appreciate this is not ideal, until we come up with a longer term solution please do not move tee markers that are set to the side.

Under rule 6.2b ‘Teeing Area Rules’ in the event of missing tee markers, it says: “the player should use their reasonable judgment (Rule 1.3b(2)) to estimate the location of the teeing area” As long as the tee markers are visible please play in line with them(and up to 2 clubs behind) from within the tee area.

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