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We applied an application of a seaweed liquid fertiliser to the greens, surrounds and approaches earlier this week, which we have subsequently watered in. Also, with the warmer, dry spell we will continue to monitor the moisture levels in the greens and water as and when necessary.

Generally, we try to hand-water the surfaces early mornings when cutting the greens to avoid disturbance to golfers, however, during the summer we may have to water in the afternoons if our only option. Hand-water allows us to be more specific with where the water is applied, as some areas dry out quicker than others.

Next week we will be working on the ditch to the left side of the 7th green. We plan to dig the ditch to improve the flow of water and prevent any water backing up during wet periods. This we anticipate should lower the water table in that area and avoid the green becoming too wet like last winter.

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